Groundwater (Broadbeach) Country Music Festival accomodation


  • Groundwater 2019 (broadbeach country music festival) please email me/pm me as i am taking bookings for the 26-28 july 2019 – i have only 9 spaces left in 2brm units very close to entertainment. Please place $70 into an envelope with your name, GW 2019 on front ( this is for 1 night as a deposit). Single share is $210 for 3 nights – due before dec 15 – fb:
  • 2018 – I am encouraging everyone to wear a dallas shirt on saturday – would make good footprint on festival and help in my maybe getting a gig next year, and would be good advertising for my classes
    i will have spare shirts with me – let me know if you need one
    We are going to make up a lotto entry for $20mill for those staying in accom – so chuck me $5 before midday Saturday

    If wanting to stay for 2019 (26-28 July) let me know and deposit ($80) due by Aug 8 -please put name and groundwater 2019 on front of envelope

  • Final payment for “groundwater” accommodation (broadbeach country music festival) – $130 due by end of April 2018 (have had to bring date forward for payment to make sure that all spaces are taken) – please place money ($130) in envelope with name and groundwater final payment on front
  • BBCMF 2017 (Broadbeach country music festival) was awesome – I have already booked for next year 27-29 july 2018 but have had to pay out big deposit for each of the 5 units – so if you wish to guarantee your space – at least 3 nights – (these 20 spaces will go very quickly) – already 10 spaces filled!!- put $65(first night deposit) in an envelope  with name and BBCMF 2018 on front – see below lineup from 2017 which was awesome – can next year even top this!! i bet it can!