Dances Taught

FEB 18

Beginners – CC shuffle, Elvira, Bootscootin Boogie, Cowboy Hustle, Woolshed waltz

Hey Hoalina (improver)

Pull You Through(interm) 

All the King’s Horses(interm)

Sweet Caroline (early interm)

DEC 17

Beginners – After 5 stomp, SW cha cha, Cupid shuffle

Countryholic (early interm)

REVISION – Better to love, gypsy queen, Ex’s and Oh’s

NOV 17

Beginners – Cowgirls twist, Dc 22, Stray cat strut, Tennessee waltz

Penny arcade (early interm)

Mountain of love (early interm) (perso rev)

Sweetheart (upper interm) 

Evergreen (interm) (perso rev)

Let’s go girls (interm) (perso rev)

Winner at a losing game (upper interm) (perso rev)

OCT 17

Beginners – Cc shuffle, Elvira, Cowboy hustle, Woolshed Waltz, Houston hustle

Tennessee Waltz Supreme(improver)

Completely(upper interm) (rev)

Boots (interm)



Beginners – Bootscootin Boogie, Midnight Waltz, Slap leather, Cowboy 

Cha Cha

This & That (early interm)

Black Coffee (early interm) (rev)

Beautiful Drug (interm)

I Must Be Dreaming (interm)

AUG 17

Champagne Promise (early interm)

Wasting time (rev) (upper intem)

Nancy Mulligan (interm)

Beethoven boogie (rev)(improv)

Pieces (upper interm)




Lonely drum (early interm)

The one you’re waiting on (interm)

Southern Thing (interm)

Country 2 step (rev) (early interm)

JUNE 2017

Feel the beat (early interm)

Play that song(interm)

Someone Like You (rev) (interm)

Lady in Red (high interm)

MAY 2017

Lucky Boy’s Dream (early interm)

Obsessed (interm)

I need you now (rev) (interm)

Wolves (interm)

APRIL 2017

Gypsy Queen (low interm)

Perfect (high interm)

Tush push (perso rev) (improv)

Gentlemans Waltz (perso rev) (early interm)

Felt good on my lips(perso rev) (high interm)

In a moment  (perso rev) (interm)

MAR 2017

hold on (early interm)

oops baby (interm)

better than leaving (rev) (interm)

a happy dance (rev) (lower interm)

missing (lower interm)

hold me now (high interm)

FEB 2017

love junk (early interm)

ain’t misbehavin (interm)

dig your heels (interm)

country girl (rev) (lower interm)

rocket to the sun (beg)


DEC 2016

Last Chance Dance (lower interm)

About Feelings (rev)

and lotsa revision

NOV 2016

3 dayz (rev) (upper interm)

love drunk (interm)

rock and roll music  – rachael (lower interm)

lake perserverance dance weekend – aka “perso” – also revised in nov and dec

3 dayz (rev) (upper interm)

heart like an angel (rev) ( early interm)

fallsview rock (rev) (improver)

softly (rev) ( interm)

OCT 2016

Black & white cha (rev) (interm)

Why baby why(upper interm)

ex’s oh’s(lu olsen) (interm)

bump ‘n grind (rev)(improver)

A woman loves – Tracie Lee (lower interm)

SEPT 2016

I love you (improver)

Bella’s cha cha (rev) (interm)

Memphis love (low interm)

Making history (interm)

Unmendable (rev) (early interm)

Do a Little Life (interm)

AUG 2016

Dance with me(improver)

Make it hurt (rev) (interm)

Frankie Fever (low interm)

Tuesday Blues(upper interm)

Missing you (rev) (early interm)

JULY 2016

S.T. One(Low interm)

Titanic (rev) (interm)

Bring down the house(interm)

About feelings (upper interm)

JUNE 2016

Galway girl (Low interm)

Turn the beat up (improver)

Champagne on ice (rev) (upper interm)

Sinatra and chardonnay (interm)

Second hand heart (interm) (maggie gallagher)

About feelings (upper interm)

MAY 2016

Lay low(Low interm)

Love sweet love (improver)

eternal secret (rev) (upper interm)

thinkin country (improver)

alvaro (interm)

APRIL 2016

tracks of my tears (upper interm)

slamming doors (interm)

west texas waltz (rev) (interm)

whole again (rev) (improv)

winner of a losing game (rev) (high interm)

shipwrecked (rev) (lower interm) 

smokey places (rev) (early interm)

MARCH 2016

when you walked in (rev) (interm)

dancing in white (improver)

better when i’m dancing (interm)

lonely girl (improver)

FEB 2016

one call away (upper interm)

big blue tree (early interm)

life of the party (interm)

baby i’m right (lower interm)

homegrown(rev)(lower interm)

DEC 2015

honey i’m good (rev)(interm)

don’t let the sun go down (upper interm)

rock and roll king (early interm)

fly like a bird (rev) (early interm)

home grown (lower interm)

NOV  2015

over the rainbow swing (improver)

twist and turns (interm)

ticket to the blues (early interm)

dance ranch romp (rev) (early interm)

OCT  2015

senorita sway (early interm)

shut up and dance (p snooke)(interm)

son of a gun (upper interm)

take breather (rev) (early interm)

TFM cha cha (rev) (upper interm)

four corners (rev) (improver)

stomp (rev) (interm)

SEPT  2015

stories we could tell(early interm)

heavenly cha(lower interm)

zydeco lady (rev) (interm)

lose you (interm)

 AUG  2015

gin and tonic (improv)

the bomp (lower interm)

patient heart (rev) (interm)

cannibal stomp (improver)   

JULY 2015

turn the beat up (improv)

blood, sweat and beer (interm)

better than ever (interm)

girl crush (interm)

beethoven boogie (rev) (beg)

JUNE 2015

better than ever (inter)

that’s nice (rev) (interm)

bossa nova (rev) (early  interm)

lovesongs (rev) (improver)

the right kind of wrong (rev) (upper interm)

between dances (rev) (early interm)

honey i’m good (interm) 

MAY 2015

yes (inter)

black & white cha cha(rev) (interm)

dizzy (rev) (early  interm)

one good reason (rev) (improver)

champagne on ice (rev) (interm)

gypsy lady (rev) (early interm)

uptown funk AB (improver)

badge of honor (interm) (rev)

evergreen(interm) (rev)

missing you (early interm) (rev)

change of heart (interm) (rev)

tush push (early interm) (rev)

APRIL 2015

priscilla (inter)

singapore sings(improver)

homegrown (lower interm)

make it hurt(interm)

marvin gaye(interm)

domomini /domino (improver/interm) (rev)

black coffee (early interm)(rev)

MARCH 2015

tick tock two (inter)

black coffee (rev) (improver)

bella’s cha cha (interm) (rev)

singapore sings (improver)

outback (rev) (interm)

beautiful in my eyes (rev) (upper interm)

when you walked in  (rev) (upper interm)

gentleman’s waltz (rev) early interm)


heart like a wheel(lower inter) (rev)

teenage dreamin (inter)

wild card (improver)

heartaches and honky tonks (early interm)

i can catch the moon (upper interm)


eternal secret (upper inter)

bump ‘n grind(rev perso dance camp) (improver)



crocodile roll (lower inter)

sway (rev perso dance camp)(inter)

a happy dance (rev perso dance camp) (improver)

never let me go (rev perso dance camp) (improver)

sweet temptation (rev perso dance camp)  (upper interm)


Softly(lower inter)

walking on air(inter)

trouble with treble(improver)

what if i say goodbye(rev) (improver)

slip on by (upper interm)


a long way home (lower inter)

all i can say (inter)

feeling hot (improver)

girl’s night out (rev) (interm)

toes (rev) (early interm)


love is easy (lower inter)

timber (inter)

and then i kissed her (improver)

brown eyed girl (rev) (interm)

weekdays (early interm)

 JULY 2014

laughter in the rain (lower inter)

knee deep (rev) ( early inter)

smokey places(rev) (-i)

in a moment (rev) (i)

JUNE 2014

better to love (talbots) (i)

 Raggle taggle gypsy o ( lower inter)

just let go- roxanne moates and thomas worth (i+)

forget all your yesterdays (rev) (-i)

I remember (rev) (i)

MAY 2014

free (i)

13 MWZ (rev) (-i)

god’s been good (rev)(-i)

cupid shuffle (rev)(b)

flying high (rev) (upper beginner)

no matter what (rev)(-i)

little red book (-i)

counting stars – simon ward- (i+)

the blarney roses (-i)

APRIL 2014

2001 BC coaster (rev)(i)

go go stomp (rev)(b)

rock around the clock (rev)(-i)

wildfire (i)

honey pie (-i)

younger men (rev) (i)

MARCH 2014

jump on a ride (i)

mamma maria (b)

quit stalling(rev) (+i)

Is this the way to … (i)


borrow my heart (i)

go seven (-i)

no man’s land (i+)

flowerbud (rev) (-i)

pot of gold (rev) (i)

me too (rev) (i)

legacy waltz (i)

country 2 step (rev) (-i)


someone, somewhere tonight (i)

boogie shoes (-i)

no man’s land (i+)

flowerbud (rev) (-i)


blurred lines (i+) rachel mcenanhy

bird on a wire (-i) jan whylie

shame & scandal in the family(i)

dancing with cupid(i)

the right kind of wrong (rev) (i+)

multiplication (-i)

lamtarra rhumba (-i) (rev)

islands in the stream (i) (rev)

good times (i) (rev)

stumblin & fallin (i+) (rev)


dancing with cupid (i)

perfect apart (i)

close your eyes(i+)

coastin (rev)(b)

imelda’s way (b)

voodoo jive (i)

flobie slide (b)

 AUGUST 2013 

wagon wheel rock(i)

follow my lead (i+)

lookabell (b)

baby don’t rush (-)

rock n roll waltz (rev) (i)

the sweet smell of her perfume (rev) (i+)

JULY 2013 

now or never (i)

 love you tonight (i+)

people help the people (i+)

D.H.S.S (-i) (rev)

pink flamingo (rev) (i)

cupid shuffle (beg)

JUNE 2013

stomp (rev) (i)

 rocket to the sun(b)

closer (rev) (i)

loch lomond (i)

piece of my heart (rev) (i+)

 lotsa lotsa revision for the marathon

MAY 2013

tightrope (rev) (i)

highway blues (i+)

there will be love (i)

redneck (rev) (b)

tomorrow’s question (rev) (i)

mr president (rev) (i+)

little miss rosie  (rev) (i)

city slickers (rev) (i+)

lets go girls (rev) (i)

take a breather (rev) (-i)

cannibal stomp (rev) (b)

outta control (i+)

work it on out (-i)

quit stalling (rev) (i+)

 APRIL 2013

cry (i)

heaven’s question (i)

help me, help me (i)

pick a bale (b)

speak to the sky (-i)

beautiful sunday -(i)

wanted (i+)

 MARCH 2013

hope it rains (i+)

missing you (rev) (-i)

sunset stampede (rev) (i)

champagne no ice (rev) -(i)

this woman’s heart (i+)

hold your horses (rev) (i+)

quit stalling (rev) (i+)


waltzing you home (-i)

united we stand(i)

gleefully there(i+)

blown away (i)


rock around the clock(-i) (rev)

still love me tomorrow(i)

slow burn(i+)

shout (rev) (i)

flowerbud (-i)


slow burn (rev) (i)

shout (rev) (i)

you belong with me (rev) (i+)

never let me go (rev) (-i)

heart like a wheel (-i) (rev)

move a like (i)

his only need (i+)  

along for the ride (rev) (i)

still love me tomorrow (i)


a thousand years (i)

paper, rock, scissors (i)

stitch it up (rev) -(i)

come wake me up (i+)

frequency (rev) (i+)

domomini (-i) domino (rev) (i+)


 language of the heart (i+)

i don’t care (i+)

whiskey’s gone (i)

you & me (-i)

off the floor (rev) (i+)

this ole boy (mcananey) (i)

AUGUST 2012  

into the arena (rev) (i)

cinco de mayo (rev) (-i)

determination (rev) (i+)

bang bang (i)

birmingham (rev) (i+)

drive by (whittaker) (i+)

rock your body (sittrop) (i)

open arms (rev) (i)

rock your body (herd) (b)

changed (i+)

wanna be me (rev)(i+)

heartthrob (i)


JULY 2012

i remember (rev) (i)

i love a rainy night (rev)(-i)

llusions (rev)(i+)

brinson’s request (rev) (-i)

in a second (rev)(i+)

god bless texas (rev)(-i)

 Last chance (rev)(-i)  

swingtime boogie (rev) (i+)

remember when (rev) (i)

a waltz in time (rev) (i)

chill factor (rev) (i)

broken hearts waltz ( (rev) (i) 

mary lou (rev) (i)

no way jose (rev)(-i)

high and dry (rev) (i)

 bartender stomp (rev)(-i) 

someone like you (rev) (i)

birmingham (rev) (i+)

 honky tonk twist(rev)(-i) 

 JUNE 2012

last love i’m trying(i+)

hasta manana (rev)(-i)

heartthrob (i)

unbelievable(rev) (i+)

bella’s cha (rev) (i)

bayou city twister(rev) (i)


proud mary burnin'(i)

beautiful in my eyes(i+)

it’s alright(rev) (i+)

nightmare (rev) (i+)

larger than life (rev) (i+)

black and white cha (rev) (i)

aiko shako (i)

flobie slide (b)

looking good (-i)

tulsa slide (rev) (i)

MAY 2012

easy (-i)

always on your side (i+)

where i belong(r) (i+)

unbelievable (r) (i)

it’s alright (r) (i+)

hasta manana (r) (-i)

hi-a-ma cha(i)

i want that man(r) (i)

softly (r)(-i)

walking away(-i)

cowboy rhythm(rev) (-i)

ray of light (i+)

have you ever seen the rain(-i)

APRIL 2012

i missed you (i)

can’t remember to forget (i+)

beautiful world(w/t) (i+)

16 tons(i)

a happy dance (-i)

dance with me tonight(i)

rodeo’s rose (rev) (i)