Early Intermediate and Interm Info

At all classes, there is no special clothing or footwear that you need, but if you think you will continue line dancing, please wear some proper footwear – shoes or dance sneakers (i sell dance shoes so please ask).

Transition / Improver / Early Intermediate:

  • When you feel a little more confident, you may start to stay on after beginners and attempt the next level –  The level that you dance at is a very individual thing, which is why line dancing is such a great pastime.
  • Some people stay on after a few weeks, others wait for sometimes 3-6 months.
  • I only teach one improver / early intermediate dance every 3 weeks.
  • I revise one classic early interm (i.e. popular for many years) dance every month.
  • I split the floor frequently at dance parties with beginner/early intermediate dances.

Intermediate / Upper Intermediate:

  • After the beginner and early intermediate levels, the dances are becoming quite varied and interesting.
  • In this section, I teach 2-3 dances a month, one of which is a classic dance, and I will also teach an upper interm dance as well.
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