Why Line Dancing?

If you’re searching for a fun and social way to boost your energy and get fit, then Line Dancing is for you!

So what are the benefits?

  • Regular, moderate exercise suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Friendship and fun.
  • Mental exercise.
  • Stress Release.
  • Delays and prohibits the onset of alzheimers disease, dementia, and other age-related disorders.
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis.
  • No partner required

So, can I go to classes on my own?

Yes most definitely!

Although many people bring their friends with them during the first few classes (for mutual courage), I have always found line dancers to be a particularly friendly crowd. Should you arrive on your own, rest assured you won’t be lonely.

The very fact that you don’t need a partner to line dance means that people tend to mix more with other dancers and I have always found classes to be very sociable

What if I have never danced before? 

Having spoken to other non-dancers, they found the classes easy to learn as the dances have a pattern one can follow. The dances all consist of a set of dance steps, which are then repeated, and once you have learnt the set of steps (which are very short for beginner dances), you then just repeat these steps for the rest of the song!

The main thing to remember is to keep with it. While you may feel overwhelmed in the beginning, you’ll find that after a few weeks, the steps will start to sink in and feel more natural.

Also, many dances use the same steps in different combinations, so once you have learnt how to do certain steps (such as a vine, a shuffle, or a box weave), you’ll find the combinations of those same steps in other songs easier to learn.

Should I start by attending a beginners class? 

Yes! There is nothing more off-putting to a beginner than to go to a class and find that  everyone else knows what they are doing.

The advantages of starting with a beginner’s class are that everyone will be in the same situation as you and thus the teaching level will be geared to your abilities.


The latest preventive therapy for Osteoporosis has feet tapping all over the country. A Griffith University Researcher is getting post menopausal women to Line Dance their way to better bone mass. “Line Dancing was not only good weight-bearing exercise, but it’s hip swivelling manoeuvres improved hop-muscle control and balance!” – 1994

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